Urke Septic and Sewer provides the most comprehensive repair and maintenance services for homeowners, businesses, and real estate professionals in Grass Valley, CA. We pride ourselves on our thorough, educational approach to septic and sewer services, and strive to create enduring solutions through the best materials and most thorough practices. From general system maintenance, septic pumping, new installations and repairs, we have the knowledge, tools, talent, and manpower to get the job done on time, on budget, and with minimal intrusion.

img1Often times, our customers never know there’s a problem. Their septic system or sewer is buried in the yard and an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality seeps in. We take the time to show our client how their system works, and the overall importance of proper inspection and maintenance. We use our extensive inventory of equipment to diagnose and repair any problems we may find.

Whether addressing problems with septic tanks, leach fields, or sewer lines caused by lack of maintenance or broken components, we bring unsurpassed commitment to every septic investigation, inspection, and repair so you can get the long-lasting durability you need for the life of your system. Contact an Urke Septic and Sewer associate today and experience the difference professional quality can make.